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Trimming your wick

Q: Why do I need to trim my candle wick?
A: Your candle wick should be trimmed 1/4-1/8 of an inch before each burn. Trimmed wicks make a cleaner candle burn with less smokey residue on the candle jar. Trimming your wick will also prevent the candle wick from mushrooming which can cause black smoke or a jumpy flame. You can trim your wicks with a wick trimmers or scissors.

Burn Time

Q: How long can I burn my candle?
A: We do not recommending your candle for more than four consecutive hours. Our melts will be at their peak within the first day of use. It is recommended to change them out every three days for the best results. Adding multiple melts at once creates a stronger scent to fill your bigger spaces. 


Q: How long does shipping take?
A: We ship out orders throughout the week. Shipping is usually 5-10 business days due to USPS shipping delays.